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Sandhya Venugopal, MD

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Struggling with extra weight or constant weight fluctuations? A solution may be closer than you think. In most cases, successful weight management is all about the right approach and proper support — and that’s where Care and Cure AZ in Phoenix, Arizona, comes in. Experienced weight management physician Sandhya Venugopal, MD, offers the support you need to get to a healthy weight and maintain it. Call the office or use online booking for help.

Weight Management Q&A

Who needs medical weight management?

Everyone needs to maintain a healthy weight. But it’s not always easy to do it alone. If you have any of the following challenges, you could benefit from medical weight management. 

  • Struggle to lose weight
  • Frequent weight fluctuations
  • Have or are at risk for diabetes or hypertension 
  • Family history of obesity and health problems

Dr. Venugopal treats chronic conditions and helps you implement healthy lifestyle habits. In many cases, weight loss is a key factor in preventing and treating chronic illness.

Why is losing weight so hard?

The main reason that it's hard for many men and women to lose weight is that they take the wrong approach. Weight loss programs that promise dramatic results overnight don't make sense because they're geared toward short-term results. 

While you might lose some weight by starving yourself or following a restrictive diet, those pounds reappear as soon as you transition back to your normal eating habits. But your “normal” diet might not be as healthy as you think, which makes it extra hard to lose and maintain weight. 

How does a weight management program work?

The weight management program at Care and Cure AZ is all about your individual needs. Dr. Venugopal takes the time to carefully review your personal medical history, family health history, and current habits to determine why you're having trouble losing weight. 

Then she personalizes a weight management plan that incorporates lifestyle changes that are sustainable over the long-term. You swap unhealthy foods for nutritious ones, incorporate regular exercise, and make other changes to help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Most men and women find that regular support and guidance are absolutely crucial for program success, so weight management programs generally involve visits to Care and Cure AZ at least once a month.

How can I maintain my weight after weight management?

The support doesn’t end after you achieve your goal weight. As your primary care provider, Care and Cure AZ emphasizes bodywide wellness. You continue to see Dr. Venugopal whenever you need guidance or support related to your weight loss or any other medical need. 

Dr. Venugopal understands that making lifestyle changes can be a bit challenging, so she’s here to help you succeed in your weight management program. 

Learn more about how you can lose weight safely, with maximum medical support. Call the Care and Cure AZ office or schedule online today.