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Dr. "Sandy" Venugopal provides judicious referrals to Subspecialty Providers and Chronic Pain Management and for Preventive Health Procedures like Mammogram, DEXA Scan, Colonoscopy and Cancer Screening.

She does not provide Obstetric or Interventional Gynecological Procedures like IUD placement or Non-prescription contraceptives.

Patients can choose to use their insurance with or without a Membership Plan. 

Please verify if Provider is in network with your insurance before you call the Office about Insurances.  Patients with HMO plans should have elected the Provider as PCP. 


Beginning 2024, Existing and New Patients using Insurance will be charged an Insurance Processing Fee of 100 dollars per year. This does not apply to Medicare, Tricare or Medicaid. 

You can choose to use Insurance along with the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS and get a reimbursement of your Insurance payments beyond the Annual Physical. 

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